Frequently Asked Questions
What works does SuperHomes take up?
Why should anybody choose SuperHomes?
How do you guarantee hassle-free work?
How do we start building our home?
How do you ensure quality of works at site?
Is compound wall included in the package?
What happens if I want different brand of materials other than the one's in the packages?
How long does it take to complete construction?
Does SuperHomes provide loans for construction?
Does SuperHomes include the interior works with the construction packages?
What if the prices of the materials increase when the project is ongoing. Would there be a price escalation?
How can I track progress of project?
Where can I find all the paperwork related to my project?
How will you keep me updated of progress at site?
Do you provide warranties?
How do you commit on-time completion of project?
How comfortable is your payment process?
Can SuperHomes help in getting electrical connection for constructions?
How are the labourers and their stay managed?
Who will select materials and how will it get delivered at site?
Does the customer have to follow up the site regularly?
What is the excavation depth for foundation?
Is Structural Design shared with the customer?
Do you provide Water Sump/Septic tank/Overhead tank/Rainwater harvesting?
Why do we need interior designers?
How much do interior designers charge just for designing?
Do I need to pay anything for initial discussion with you?
What is the approximate cost of interior works for a 2BHK / 3 BHK?
What kind of designs are trending these days?
Could you help me design a small space in a low budget?
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